Best Portable Projector Screen 2018 – Result of a 35 hours Lab Test!

Not all the projector screen is portable. Today, we present you here the best portable projector screens. Our lab experts have tested almost 105 projector screens. They have spent almost 35 hours to find out the most suitable and affordable projector screen (portable of course).

Top 5 High-end Portable Projector Screens 2018:

Our Top Choice
Visual Apex Portable Projector Screen
Not every portable projector screen deserves the top spot, but Visual Apex Portable Projector Screen is one of those models that easily snatches the top position of this list of transportable projector screens due to all right reasons. The explanations for positioning it in the top pick is its premium matte white material, pure 4:3 aspect ratio, inexpensive price tag, true 160-degree viewing angle and 1.1 screen gain reflectivity. We also liked its capability to show high-quality HD visuals and light absorbing black border. Go to the review.
Visual Apex portable Projector Screen

Best Portable Projector Screens 2018

5. FDW Diagonal White Portable Projector Screen

FDW Diagonal White Portable Projector Screen


FDW TS-100 is a well renowned portable projector screen in the budget range that has a vast number of positive reviews under its belt from both consumers and experts. It is a full 100inch mobile screen that boasts matte white material that readily offers immaculate HD visuals at 70inch X 40inch view size.

Most of the users like us were quite happy with its razor-sharp, clear visuals at 4:3 aspect ratio and all the credit goes to screen gain reflectivity which spans between 1.1 and 2.0. An attractive attribute of this model is its 160-degree viewing angle that allows you to perceive clear images even if you are sitting diagonally to the front of the screen.

FDW TS-100 is a front projection portable screen that follows pull-down mechanism and the screen stuffed into two sturdy frames. The overall package weighs around 23.2 pounds, but actual screen weight is 18pounds so you won’t face any difficulty in carrying them anywhere. This one can be in your list if you want to buy the right portable projector screen.

The installation process is entirely breezed with this model as you will just have to fully stretch the screen and place it on the tripod that comes in the package. Even though it is a budget model, but you comfortably use it office boardroom, classrooms or home for entertainment purpose. You will be delighted to know that it also grabs a one-year complete warranty.

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The manufacturer hasn’t compromised on its visual performance, and its light-absorbing black border on the screen serves as the proof. Despite its low price, the longevity of this model is quite extensive, and the entire screen is free from any wrinkle or rough area.

Things We Like
  • Top of the line matte white screen material
  • Praiseworthy HD visuals without any fading
  • Admirable screen gain of reflectivity between 1.1 and 2
  • The visual angle range is wide and clear
Things We Didn't Like
  • The overall weight could have been lower
  • The tripod is not very stable

4. Owlenz Portable Projection Screen

Owlenz Portable Projection Screen


Owlenz foldable projector screen is a compact model that offers 120inch projection in both the side of the screen and the viewing area is around 104inch X 58inch. The attractive attribute of this model is the most excellent polyester fabric in the screen that ensures high-grade quality and clarity in the visuals.

Moreover, the screen is quite thick that bars light from the projector to penetrate the screen. This 16:9 display boasts a 1.3 gain of reflectivity so you can expect bright and high clarity images even in the presence of ambient light. Despite its incredible feature lineup, you won’t be able to get the real quality if you go beyond HD visuals.

Owlenz foldable projector screen is an easy to install screen that has many holes on the side, and you just need ropes, brackets or double-sided tape just to mount them. Interestingly, unlike other models, you can easily fold the screen into a small size and dump in your backpack without causing any crease.

It only weighs 2.5lbs so carrying them in your bag won’t be any hassle. The manufacturer has also provided two bag hooks and two bundle ropes in the package which is quite handy in various situations. Lastly, the light absorbing black border is quiet, and it allows the resolution to stay intact on the screen.

The versatility offered by Owlenz foldable projector screen is impressive, and you can use it for education, presentation, business purpose and home entertainment. So, you are trying to find a top portable projector screen for your business presentation, you may check this out. However, the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned any warranty service or return policy with this model. This is a good outdoor movie screen as well.

Things We Like
  • Adequate viewing angle without any resolution fade
  • Availability of six holes for installation
  • Lucid image quality
  • It is extremely lightweight
Things We Didn't Like
  • The absence of any mounting stand
  • Not at all suitable for small rooms

3. Vivo PS-T-100 – Portable HD Projector Screen

Vivo PS-T-100 - Portable HD Projector Screen


Vivo PS-T-100 is often associated with the title one of the most exceptional portable projector screen available in the market with an affordable price tag. This model is quite famous for its topmost quality matte white screen material that diffuses light in all direction. The screen also pampers you with 1.1 gain of reflectivity which is essential for providing top of the line visual quality.

It also offers black backing for preventing light penetration and black border that eliminate the wondering of light from the projector. The 120 degree offered by this model is quite adequate however a person sitting little diagonally to the display might see a washed out video.

Vivo PS-T-100 comes with a 100inch diagonal screen that only offers 80inch X 60inch view size, and it can be utilized in various areas like home entertainment, classroom, conference room, presentation area, etc. To our surprise, it offers easy height adjustment with an auto-locking mechanism so you can quickly set the screen at desired height but you need twist the handle to lock the height.

The screen retracts into the sturdy black frame, and it doesn’t require much force to stretch them. This model also packs an aluminum tripod that not only offers decent stability but also offers portability as you can fold into the storage bag.

Maintenance of Vivo PS-T-100 is quite easy, and you will need soft cloth dipped in soapy water to clean it. You can utilize this model with any type of projectors, but it only offers true resolution quality up to 720p.

Things We Like
  • Excellent video clarity with decent color production
  • Heavy duty tripod that offers excellent stability
  • The frames are quite sturdy
  • It doesn’t allow light penetration
  • Marvelous screen material with suitable thickness
  • It automatically locks the screen
Things We Didn't Like
  • The viewing angle could have been better

2. Excelvan 120inch – A Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Excelvan 120inch - A Portable Outdoor Movie Screen


Excelvan 120inch screen is one of the cheapest yet highly efficient portable projector screen that you can own. This is a very good screen to set up outdoor cinema theater if you have a good backyard projector. It boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio screen format that is built using specially developed PVC material. This premium screen material ensures that you get a white and clean visual background which results in a pure movie theater experience.

Not only that it also pampers you with 1.1 gain so you can expect razor-sharp visuals with the impressive color output. It is a versatile screen that offers not only fluidic visuals for 4K or 3D contents, but also provide optimal visual quality for data presentation in office.

The 160-degree viewing angle of the Excelvan 120inch movie screen is mindboggling, and you won’t see any washed visuals even if you are sitting in an angular position. The best part of this model that you can fix it anywhere on the wall as it uses 20 Velcros for attachment and roll the screen after use.

This Velcros not only offers both indoor as well as outdoor flexibility but also takes few minutes in the installation process. Excelvan claims that it doesn’t damage the texture of the wall where it will be installed, and you won’t need any nail or drill to mount them. Most importantly it only weighs 5.7pounds so you can easily carry it anywhere you require it.

Excelvan 120inch movie screen comes with a two-year warranty, and if you face any issue within 30 days, then they will offer you full refund or replacement.

Things We Like
  • Pure 160-degree viewing angle with no degradation
  • 20 Velcros for installation
  • It doesn’t damage the wall
  • True 1.1 gain of reflectivity
  • First-rate quality screen material
  • Lucid images with a right color blend
Things We Didn't Like
  • It sometimes causes visual artifact issues
  • Not suitable for small rooms if you want to use it in your home

1. Visual Apex 144inch – Portable & Fast Folding Screen

Visual Apex portable Projector Screen


Visual Apex 144inch is a simple looking portable projector screen that is built using top quality Cinema Matte, and it is the recommended screen from our lab experts. The main advantage of this Cinema matte white screen is that it offers compatibility to 4K, full HD, and 3D visuals. So, if you have a 3D or a 4K projector (If you don’t have a 4k projector, you check these affordable 4k projectors), this portable screen can be your first choice!

You will also get 1.1 gain and 180-degree viewing angle so you can expect to have a wonderful entertainment session with top-notch visuals and color output. Apart from its 16:9 viewing format, the screen also offers UV protection when used outside and mildew resistance.

Visual Apex 144inch screen offers a 71inch high X 125inch wide viewing size which is adequate for both indoor as well as outdoor use. This screen is quite flexible in installation as you can detachable stand for outdoor use or just use the screen for mounting inside the room.

The steel frame is light and sturdy so you won’t have to worry about its durability if you regularly use it. The manufacturer has also included many other things in the package like ground stakes for the frame, guide ropes, hanging grommets and carry bag. For washing purpose, you can comfortably clean the screen with soap water.

Things We Like
  • It offers flexibility in outdoor and indoor use
  • It comes with a detachable leg
  • Sharp images with impressive quality
  • High-quality screen material
  • The installation process is simple
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is slightly unstable in windy outdoor. But not a huge factor.

Projector Screens VS Walls -Which One Is Better?

The simple answer to this question is projector screens are far better and superior to walls. Basically, walls look plain, but when you see carefully, you will find a lot of bumps and crevices which will reduce the brightness as well as clarity of the images. Most importantly the color output would be bland as it would fail to reflect the actual quality of your eyes. Moreover, white walls are not engaging as projector screens as they don’t have any configuration matching for the projection.

Projector screens carry optical coating that appropriately reflects the visuals to your eye, and thus you can get great visual quality while watching on screen. Screens also come with a black border around the main screen, and it allows you to get proper clarity and color output. So projector screens are much more efficient and visually effective than walls.

Things To Consider While Buying A Portable Screens

  • While purchasing a good portable projector screen, you should keep in mind about screen size and aspect ratio. However, it is advisable to opt for minimum 80inch screen size and 16:9 aspect ratio format. However, you can also go for higher screen size along with the better frame, so it depends on your choice.
  • Screen material is probably the most critical contemplation that you need to have before purchasing. While selecting a screen, it should have minimum 160-degree viewing angle, 1.1 gain and 100% wrinkle free as it will offer you excellent quality. You should also take fabric color and acoustic transparency because they determine the quality of the visuals that you will see.
  • Availability of accessories in the package or external purchase should come into consideration as it will help you achieve the ideal installation process. A good projector screen comes with all the necessary tools like brackets, screws, mounts, carrying bag, inbuilt motor, etc.
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