Best Portable Pico Projector 2018 – Top Mini Projectors Review

What is the best Pico projector in 2018? Don’t worry, our experts have spent almost 35 hours to find out the best portable Pico projector that is currently available in the market. As per the research, Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector is the recommended Pico Projector by our lab experts. All of our recommended pocket projectors are small, portable and cheap.

These can be your traveling companion no matter if you’re going for a business presentation or any other purpose out of the town. Generally, pico projectors enrich with recent technology and people love pocket projectors especially for their portability. You don’t have to worry about the space size of these mini projectors. These pocket-sized projectors are really good if you need to travel a lot but still want to enjoy movies with friends or want to submit a presentation from your smartphone.

If you are short in time let’s see our top 10 recommended pico Projectors:

Best Portable Pico Projector 2018 Review

You already know what we have picked here in this review from the comparison table. We will now review these all projectors one by one and tell you how we choose the best portable mini projector from these 10.

1. Anker Nebula Capsule – A Smart Mini Projector

Anker Nebula Smart Mini Projector


Anker Nebula Capsule mini projector is an ideal projector if you are looking something small and portable. You can easily use it in outdoor (indoor of course), in fact anywhere, anytime as long as you have your smartphone. Because it runs on Android 7.1. If you have a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) or mobile data, you can easily visit Netflix, YouTube etc. and enjoy cinema anywhere with friends.

If you don’t have net connections, still you need not be worried. You can project your local files from your smartphone. You don’t even need an HDMI connection to broadcast anything from the phone to projectors. You can easily project something with the help of Airplay and Miracast.

This small projector only weighs 15oz. The Nebula Capsule looks like a beer can. But it contains a lot of features and I am sure you would be amazed to know them. It has a 360-degree audio speaker. This omnidirectional speaker has the ability to emit sound in every direction. We can say that this is the highest quality speakers Anker has used in this mini projector if you compare to other mobile projectors. You won’t feel any need of external speakers when watching movies with the projector. You can also use the speakers to listen to music by connecting your music source via Bluetooth. Thanks to the Anker engineers!

It comes with a rechargeable battery. Anker claims that the batter can last for 4 hours when in video playback mood and can last up to 30 hours when it is in the music mood. But, to be honest, we never tried this for 4 hours. We were short in time actually. But no worries, you can easily watch a 2.5 hours movie.

It comes with a Capsule remote that allows you to control the pico projector. Nebula Capsule can project up to 100 in on the screen. You can use a portable screen for this. The resolution of the images is 854 x 480. The projector has 3 options to connect with your all devices, Mirror screening, HDMI, USB. You can connect laptop, mobile, tablet via screen mirroring. It has a USB port to connect your flash drivers. You can use HDMI port to connect any gaming console, Blue-ray player or streaming devices.

2. LG PH550 – Best Wireless Pico Projector from LG

LG PH550 – Best Wireless Pico Projector from LG


Did you hear about LG’s projector? I guess yes. They have announced the arrival of PH550 before some months. If you are looking for something that can provide you more brightness, then you can think about LG PH550. But, this is not a “Pocket Projector”. I mean you cannot travel keeping this in your pocket like the previous one.

But it is a small projector and it can easily be adjusted in any handbag. It just weighs 1.43 lb and it has a dimension of 6.9″ x 1.7″ x 4.3″. If you don’t have any problem with the size, then it can be a good fit for you.

The lamp life of this pico projector is extremely good. LG claims that the LED lamp can last up to 30000 hours. If you compare it to other LED projectors, you can see that the lamp life is quite good. It has a high definition resolution of (1280 x 720) and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 which means it can provide you with a clear image.

It has a wider range of projection area. The size of the DLP screen is 25″ ~ 100″. You will need a very good projector screen to watch a clearer image. It can provide a brightness of 550 lumens. Its aspect ratio is rated 16:9.

LG PH550 has a lot of connectivity option. You can connect even external speakers via Bluetooth. You can connect your Android phone to broadcast on the screen. It has a lot of input and output ports like AV, RGB, HDMI and TV tuner. TV tuner allows you to enjoy the TV shows directly from your projector. The mini projector comes with a built-in battery. The battery can last up to 2.5 hours in video mode.

Overall, this is a very good option if you are looking for a mini LED projector with good quality.

3. ASUS S1 – A Very Good Short Throw Pico Projector

ASUS S1 – A Very Good Short Throw Pico Projector


Asus S1 is another top player in the pico projector market and famous for providing some unique features. One of them is, you can use it as a power bank. Will talk more on this later. This is again a very good portable projector and you can easily take it with you while you are not at home.

The dimension of the mini projector is 4.3 x 4 x 1.2 inch and weight is only 0.75 lb. We should also mention the design of the projector. It is available in icicle gold color. Only this color is available. But the design seems unique.

The most impressive feature of this is it can be an alternative to your power bank. You can use it as a 6000mAh power bank. You can charge your mobile even if the projector is turned off. That means you don’t need to keep the projector on to charge your mobile. Isn’t it cool?

S1 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which can last up to 3 hours. So, you can set up the projector any where in the house for 3 hours without having a power socket! I always do that thing. I have an old pico projector of LG. It lasts 1-1.5 hours maximum (I told old) and I always set this up near any electric socket so that I can power the projector whenever it needs. 😀

It comes with a DLP screen. Oh, it is one of the best mini short throw projectors available now in the market. It has a short throw ratio of 1:1. In case you don’t know what a short throw projector is and how does it work, you can check out this article.

Let’s talk about the brightness and contrast of ASUS S1. You will get a clear picture from this projector as it comes with a 200 lumens LED projection bulb. This bulb can last around 30,000 hours. That means, if you need the projector to perform 8 hours a day, it will take 10 years to replace the bulb.

This projector has another unique feature. You can switch off/on the projector instantly. Other projector takes 5-6 seconds to turned on. But this projector is quick enough.  This S1 pico projector has HDMI and MHL connection port. You can integrate the projector with your laptop, tab through HDMI and your mobile through MHL. MHL means Mobile High Definition Link.

4.RIF6 CUBE – An affordable Mobile Pico Projector

RIF6 CUBE – An affordable Mobile Pico Projector


If you are looking for a good pocket projector for light use in an affordable price, that RIF6 CUBE can be the perfect choice for you. It is very small in size and light in weight. The dimension is only 2 x 2 x 1.9 in. Just think how small the projector is! There are many reviews of RIF6 CUBE available in online. Each of them will talk about its good side first. But, we would like to mention its biggest drawback first and that is this Pico projector doesn’t have enough projection quality. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of not having this feature. But, they may have to compromise it as they want it to keep very simple and portable.

The projector is a small one in a cheap price point. What about the screen quality then? Though many reviewers are saying that the quality of that tiny projector is good, we didn’t find anything like that. We are sorry but that’s true. The screen quality is okay but not the “Greatest”. If you are okay with a normal screen quality and want to give importance to the money rather than the projector, then this is a good choice for you. Never mind!

RIF6 CUBE is a complete package. The manufacturer provides everything you will need with a projector. This is a compact projector if you need to have a tiny projector in your pocket. It comes with a nice tripod stand, remote, charger. The tripod is bendable as well. Generally, the manufacturers of projectors don’t provide a tripod with projectors.

This mini projector has some connectivity option so that you can watch movies, play games directly from your library. It allows you to connect your flash drive or microSD card. But, this projector doesn’t have an option to connect from WIFI or Bluetooth which is another drawback of this projector.

This RIF6 projector comes with a built-in battery which can last unto 90 min in video mode. But while we were testing it by playing the “Titanic”, it only allowed us to watch the movie only 79 min. So, you should think about the battery life too.

5. Sony MP-CD1 – A Top End Mobile Projector

Sony MP-CD1 – A Top End Mobile Projector


Sony MP-CD1 looks like an android phone. Did you ever see Sony’s Xperia mobile? This projector is similar in look like the Xperia phone. It only weighs only 9.9 oz. But the problem is this doesn’t provide enough brightness. If you need a pico projector with a good number of lumens, the we suggest not to buy this. If, 105 lumens is something work for you, then this can be an ideal portable projector for you. Moreover, it uses IntelliBright Technology which helps to bring more bright shape in the beam.

This MP-CD1 is extremely portable. This can be a very good pico projector option for a businessman or a person who wants to watch movies at outdoor with friends.  It has a short throw distance of 3.77ft so that you don’t need any large space to set up the projector.

It has a contrast ratio of 400:1 and can cover a 100 inch projector screen easily. The display resolution is 854 × 480. It comes with a built-in battery and can last up to 2 hours. The most impressive thing is this projector can boot in just 5 secs. So quick, isn’t it?

What about connectivity option then?

Well, the Sony MP-CD1 offers wireless connectivity option. You can easily mirror your content from your smartphone. HDML dongles can help to to pull up any data from your device like laptops, tab, mobile phone etc.

What we didn’t like about this projector is:

  • It doesn’t have any remote controller
  • Poor in-built speakers
  • The absence of the Bluetooth option

Buying Guide of Pico Projectors from Our Experts

What is a Pico/Mini Projector?

Pico projectors are simply portable and small projectors which allow you to carry it in your pocket even if you are traveling in a train. These kinds of projectors are very lightweight and small in size. Different projector brands manufacture mini projectors every year. You just need to be careful while purchasing a tiny projector from the market. You can follow our research on the top to find a good pico projector. We have done all the test in the lab for you. So, you can be sure about the quality. We had also considered the price of these projectors to determine whether the quality and feature is enough or not.

Why Should You Buy a Pico Projector?

Well, if you are here to find out the best mini projector of 2018, you already know what the purpose of Pico projector is. If you are not here to buy any projectors, just reading the article to know what a Pico projector is and why should you use it, keep reading.

Pico projectors are very much portable and easy to carry with. Let’s say, you are outside of your home but want to watch a movie on a projector with your friends. What would you do? Would you carry your big size LED projector with you? Of course not. In this situation, you can use a projector which is very lightweight and you can carry it in your pocket.

Or let’s say you are a lecturer in a school. But that school doesn’t have any projectors in the school to show a digital multimedia. Your students now request you to show the working principle of a projector from YouTube. What will you do? Isn’t it better to show them through a projector? But your school doesn’t have any projectors. In that case, Pico projectors can help you. You just need to be connected to the internet from your phone. That’s it. You can then project any screen from your phone to that projector.

The mini projector can also come handy if you are trying to show a project presentation to your boss in your office. You can simply connect the projector to your device to show the presentation directly to your boss. Believe me, that will surely impress your boss.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pico Projector?

A good mini projector can make your task easier. But you fail to choose the perfect pico projector while buying, that can cost you extra money and time. Well, her is the guide from us, so that you don’t choose the wrong pico projector when there are a lot of projectors available in the market.

Type of Projectors

There are mainly three types of projectors available now:

  1. LED Projectors
  2. LCD Projectors
  3. DLP Projectors

There are two more projector types available: LCOS and 3LCD. But they are special types. Anyway, for a portable pico projector, you should go for a top mini LED projector. Since you don’t want to break your bank for a small mobile projector, you need to buy LED projectors. You know, no one will buy a cheap projector for home theater, but it will not be a wise decision to spend huge money for a pico projector.

If you still don’t know the differences between these models, check my guide on the differences among LED, LCD, and DLP projectors.


This is the first thing you should check in a pico projector before buying. You should check the lumens number of pico projectors. There may have two-lumen numbers indicated. One is for color brightness and other is for white brightness. If you only see one-lumen number then it may the number of white brightness. It should be above 100 lumens in case of mini/portable projector. Lumens near 300 is better for a portable pico projector.


The contrast ratio is the ratio between the dark and white brightness. It should be around 16:9 for pico projectors. But yes, if you need these pocket projectors to set up in a dark room, you will need a better contrast ratio.

Battery Back up

As you are going to buy the best portable projector to take that with you while traveling, you will definitely have to check its battery’s capability. The battery of a pico projector should last at least 2.5 hours in video mode. This is important. Just think, how embarrassing the situation will be if you are giving a presentation to your boss and suddenly the projector gets shut down due to the battery failure.  In this case, we will suggest you go for ASUS S1 as it can last up to 3 hours.

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