Best Outdoor Projector Screen 2018 – Review & Buying Guide

When you are planning to get a screen for your outdoor projector to watch movies or any other entertainment session, there is a lot of consideration will come into your mind. Resolution serves as the most significant criteria, but it is tough to judge a model based only on their specification. So, to clear all the dilemma, we have created a list of top 5 best outdoor projector screen that can easily cater all your demand. We have invested vast hours of research and testing of all possible screens in the market. Then after proper scrutiny, we have come up with all the names we think will be suitable for the outdoor purpose.

Our recommended top 5 outdoor projector screens:

Top 5 Best Outdoor Projector Screens 2018 Review

1. Visual Apex Fast Folding Outdoor Projector Screen

Visual Apex Outdoor Projector Screen


Visual Apex 144inch 4K outdoor screen is a specially curated model that is more of performance and usability rather than design. It is a massive 144inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 125inch X 71inch view area thus making it an ideal outdoor screen.

The manufacturer has built the screen with movie theater grade matte white material so that it can offer top of the line quality when paired with any 4K projector. Whether you project 3D, 4K or Full HD visual, the clarity level as well as the color depth will remain same, and all the credit goes to its 1.1 screen gain of reflectivity.

The 160-degree viewing angle of Visual Apex 144inch 4K outdoor screen is impressive, and the resolution stays as it is even if you see it diagonally. The screen side is entirely covered with a black border that ensures you get to see the screen properly.

Check the video:

Setting up the projector is totally simple, and you just need correctly connect the frame with the detachable leg. You can even use the guide ropes and frame feet included in the package to secure the screen properly in windy areas. The manufacturer has also included hanging grommets so that you can mount it on the wall or tree.

Cleaning and maintenance of Visual Apex 144inch 4K outdoor screen are quite simple as the screen is mildew resistant which allows you to clean it any way you prefer. You will be delighted to know that it also comes with two years warranty and ROHS standard approval.

Things We Like
  • Sturdy body frame
  • The clarity and color output level are high
  • It comes with all the accessories
  • It offers good portability
Things We Didn't Like
  • Difficulty in lining up the frame
  • Stretching the screen is slightly tricky

2. JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Outdoor Projector Screen


JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen is a 100inch open-air projector screen that comfortably displays high quality visual whether you use it in your home theater or in business presentations. The most highlighting factor of this model is the screen material, and it is made up of top grade aluminum poles and it uses 4-HOOK-TENSION Technology which ensures that the surface is entirely wrinkle-free.

It offers a 1.1 gain of reflectivity which is sufficient for providing a bright and vivid 4K display in the outdoor condition. The view angle provided by the screen is marvelous, and even if there is a large gathering, everyone can adequately view the visuals.

The stability and longevity offered by JaeilPLM are praiseworthy, and all the credit goes to its high-density aluminum poles along with strong joints. Not only that it also bears quadrangular prism base design that ensures the screen stays entirely stable in windy areas. You will also find location pin design and location hole with this model which makes it flexible for installation on any ground.

It is quite convenient to set up the whole screen, and it would take around 10 minutes to correctly install the screen. In the package, you will find the 120-degree triangular connector, 60-degree angular connector, vertical connector, Velcro and fixed nails.

JaeilPLM movie screen is regarded as one of the most exceptional portable projector screens in the market as the overall package only weighs 13.23 pounds.

Things We Like
  • Excellent 4K output
  • Razor sharp clarity with good black depth
  • Suitable for outdoor camping and family trips
  • Great Customer Service
  • Carry bag included
  • Extremely portable
Things We Didn't Like
  • Aluminum stand is little bit flimsy

3. TaoTronics TT-HP020 Outdoor Projector Screen

TaoTronics TT-HP020 Outdoor Projector Screen


TaoTronics TT-HP020 120inch outdoor screen is not an ordinary retractable screen as it might look, but instead, it is a well-engineered model that efficiently serves its outdoor purpose. It is a full 120inch screen that is made up of most excellent quality PVC matte material which slashes down any yellow staining on the screen.

The gripping section of this screen that it entirely creases free and offers exact 160-degree viewing angle without any resolution fading issue. Many consumer hail this model for its visual quality and lucidity, and all the credit goes to its 1.1 screen gain of reflectivity.

Installing TaoTronics TT-HP020 120inch outdoor screen takes some moments as you just need to retract the frame for stretching the screen. To keep the screen entirely pulled, there is a long brawny rod in the back, and it also has a lock mechanism. It also comes with a stable, foldable sturdy tripod that makes sure the screen stays in its position even during windy environment.

An exciting plus point of this model is its versatility as you can efficiently use it with a church projector (read here about church’s projector) or any projector that is used in schools and it will provide the desired performance. However, the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned any warranty service or any other technical assistance service with this model.

Carrying TaoTronics TT-HP020 120inch outdoor screen won’t weigh on your shoulder or hand as the screen only weighs 1.33pounds, but with all the accessories, it goes around 25lbs. With that being said, to enhance its portability feature, the manufacturer has included a carrying bag in the package.

Things We Like
  • Pure 1.1 gain without any degradation
  • It takes a maximum of five minutes for installation
  • Availability of tripod and carry bag
  • The back frame doesn’t break down quickly
Things We Didn't Like
  • The absence of any automatic lock
  • Light penetration is slightly high

4. Elite Screens Yard Master Series Foldable Outdoor Projector Screen

Elite Screens Yard Master Series Foldable Outdoor Screen


The name Elite Screens OMS200HD is well known to many people mainly due to its visual output quality and an extensive list of attributes. The visual quality of this model is exceptional, and it is primarily because of its Dynawhite nylon stitched soft body material.

You will be delighted to know that the screens boast a 1.1 gain of reflectivity which ensures that you are treated with high clarity images. It offers an exact 180-degree viewing angle so you can expect yourself to get clear visual even if you are sitting at an odd edge. The whole border adorns a light absorbing black mask that makes sure the contrast level is accurate when you are watching a movie.

Check the screen material chart here

Elite Screens OMS200HD is a massive 200inch outdoor screen that offers 16:9 aspect ratio and 143inch X 184inch viewing size. It comes with a brawny frame construction which is made up of premium quality steel tubes that can compete with the longevity of any top motorized projector screen.

The installation process is quite simple, and it won’t take much of your time. However, the assembling process is slightly lengthy, but you won’t require any tools to pull together everything. As it is a portable projector screen, it also comes with rigging cords and ground stakes that come into play for stabilizing the screen in slanted or windy areas.

Maintenance of Elite Screens OMS200HD won’t give you any a headache, and occasional cleaning with soft wet cloth is adequate for cleaning. The manufacturer has also included two years warranty or three years ENR-G warranty with this model and also a lifetime tech support from an efficient service team.

Things We Like
  • Top quality screen material
  • Highly durable robust body frame
  • It doesn’t get swayed away in little wind
Things We Didn't Like
  • It requires enormous distance for proper viewing

5. Camp Chef OS92L Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Camp Chef OS92L Portable Outdoor Movie Screen


Camp Chef OS92L is an unconventional looking outdoor model that has massive popularity in the market, especially among outdoor movie lovers. It offers a decent 92inch diagonal size with just 80inch X 45inch view size which is adequate for a small gathering.

The interesting part of this screen is its 600D X 600D oxford nylon screen surface that offers mindboggling visual output with proper color depth. The screen gain of this model is quite decent which ensures that the light is diffused evenly in all the viewing angle. It also offers 16:9 aspect ratio and wide viewing angle so you can expect a mesmerizing a congestion free movie session.

Camp Chef OS92L is not only a potent outdoor screen but also serve as an efficient portable model that can be carried anywhere, and all the credit goes to its 16-pound weight. Most importantly it takes only a few steps to install them, and the mainframe doesn’t require any assembly.

You just need to hook the structure, then attach the screen within the framework and finally tighten the strap from all the side so that it can stay stretched without any wrinkle. The manufacturer has also included four tie-down guy lines and four stakes so that it can stable in windy areas.

Camp Chef OS92L is a well-packed model that comes with all the necessary, and for portability, it also has a carry bag. You won’t have to worry about the durability of the frame as it is made up of 18 gauge 3/4inch powdered coated steel tubing. This is the perfect screen you can use to set up your outdoor movie theater.

Things We Like
  • The image is clear and carries good depth
  • It offers adequate screen gain
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • It is quite easy to clean the surface
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is not suitable for a large gathering/li>

Why should you buy an outdoor projector screen?

An outdoor screen is slightly different from standard screens that are mostly found in the market for indoor purpose. Most importantly outdoor displays come in huge sizes that allows you and your large to watch a movie together without worrying about space.

Moreover, outdoor screens are quite cheaper than standard indoor filters that often come with expensive price tags. People often use indoor mountable screens for outdoor entertainment, but it is a wrong move as they can only handle the indoor environment and they don’t offer any functionality for installation on a tripod. The screen materials used in all the screens are designed for providing an excellent vividness and clarity in outdoor condition.

You can even make a projector screen for your outdoor purpose yourself. Check out the video from Cottage Life:

In open air areas, projectors get interference from outside ambient light and other light pollution. So the screen is designed for offering top-notch viewing angle and screen gain allowing viewers to get high-quality visuals without any degradation.

Setting up the outdoor projector screen is quite easy, and they require around four to five minutes on average for installation. A lot of outdoor screens comes with tripod or sturdy that makes the slash the need for any place for mounting the screen.  Most importantly it allows you and your family to experience an outdoor entertainment session amidst in the open air environment which is not possible inside the house.

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According to many users and experts, outdoor projector screens offers top notch built quality and longevity. Moreover, it is quite easy to store them in a bag or storage bag which is not always possible on regular screens.

Lastly, outdoor displays carry a unique built so that they can be moved anywhere as you can detach the frame and roll the screen into the bag without causing any wrinkle. These are some compelling reason for buying outdoor projector screen.

Should an outdoor projector screen have to be portable?

Outdoor projector screens are meant for open-air setup, and they mostly used at the house backyard, open field or any outdoor public spaces. However, you can keep your set up intact after watching a movie or TV show even if there is no chance of human intervention.

Keeping the screen intact will cause damage to air pollution, chances of theft, any accident by small children and various other issues. Moreover, if you are planning to take your outdoor projector during your tour, it would be quite severe to pack a large screen in the baggage as it isn’t portable.

So an outdoor projector screen needs to be portable so that you easily disassemble them quickly and bring back all the units in a single bag. In addition, it also makes it easy for frequent travelers to carry the screens along with their portable projector and set up their theater in any destination.

Generally, normal screens are quite substantial in weight, and it is not always feasible to carry them. So moving a portable screen not only provide relief to the hand but also make it comfortable for the user to carry them.

One might argue that normal screens can be folded and taken anywhere but it might catch crease as it is not built for that purpose. So it becomes almost impossible to carry an indoor screen intact without allowing it get any wrinkle. Thus we conclude an outdoor display needs to be portable as it will be easier to move, set up and disassemble.


When you are setting up an outdoor entertainment session, a screen serves as one of the primary as it will determine the cinematic experience you are going to have. Getting an ordinary screen might cost less but neither it will throw you an excellent quality or will last for a long time.

Many people often overlook the importance of display which is not a good thing, and you should pay heed to the overall quality if you really want an immersive experience. Moreover, a great projector will stay by your side for a long time without causing you any trouble.

You can entirely trust all the reviews as we have placed an unbiased view of all the screens and we are not attached with any of the brands. Our main motto in this guide of Bestolin, is to provide you the best outdoor entertainment experience and to do that we have provided you all the top five names.

All the products are highly efficient in delivering top-notch visuals, and they provide high screen gain that ensures the light diffused adequately in all viewing angle. Another excellent attribute of all the models is that they offer colossal longevity both in the form sturdy frame and premium quality screen material.

So in this list Visual Apex 144inch 4K screen would be an ideal deal as it built for outdoor movie setup and offers cinema grade visual quality. However, if you are slightly short on budget but still looking for a value for money deal that will serve most of the outdoor purpose, then JaeilPLM screen could be a plausible option.

However, it doesn’t mean the other models we have listed are not at par with them, but the two former models excel slightly in the performance chart.

Before marking an end, let’s know about the advantages of buying an outdoor screen and the reasons behind the portability of outdoor screen.

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