Best Inflatable Movie Screen 2018 – Review

There is a lot of inflatable movie screens available on the market. But, it doesn’t mean that they are top in quality. To help you with finding the best inflatable outdoor projector screen, we have come with top 5 inflatable screens. Our experts have spent almost 22 hours to examine these projector screens.

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommended inflatable screens:

Best 5 Inflatable Movie Screens Review 2018

1. Inflatable Outdoor Screens by Holiday Styling – Our Recommended Projector Movie Screen

Inflatable Outdoor Screens by Holiday Styling – Our Recommended Projector Movie Screen


The Holiday Styling Movie Screen is a very good projector screen for outdoor activities. This is not even expensive. This is a mid-range projector screen which is very good at projection beam. It has a black thick frame that protects it from any damage. It is a portable movie screen. So, you can travel with the screen and can make theater even if you are in jungle for a campaign.

It comes with ropes, electric blower, and tent stakes. The blower will help you to inflate the screen with air. This projector screen is quickly inflatable. It only needs around 2 minutes. The pegs will help you to anchor the screen in the grass.

The projection screen and frame are built with a highly durable material. It is made with the triple grade 600DD thickness fabric material. The white projection screen can be separated so that you can wash it clearly if needed. Don’t worry, about the water. Water won’t hurt the screen material.

This movie screen is available in two sizes: 16ft and 9ft. In 16 ft screen, the white portion is of 12ft. The screen is lightweight as well. It can be hooked to any projectors and speakers.

Someone asked if the movie screen allows light to pass throw it or not. Yes, it will. Since it is made of fabric, the light can go throw it.

2. Gemmy 39127-32 Inflatable Air-blown Projector Screen

Gemmy 39127-32 Inflatable Air-blown Projector Screen


Gemmy 39127-32 is another very good movie screen that you should look in. It is built with quality materials. It comes with stakes, two fans on both sides to blow up the screen. They are integrated at the very bottom of both of the sides. These blowers are very quiet. You hardly heard any noise while watching movies.

The setup of the screen is very easy. You will need only some minutes to make the screen ready. Its size is suitable for even 200 guests to watch movies altogether. The Gemmy 39127-32 is a lightweight and a very good portable movie screen. You can take it with you if you are going on a campaign. This Gemmy 39127-32 is a perfect movie screen if you are planning to show any movies in the backyard for any occasion. [Check here to read about pico projectors]

One of my friends bought this screen earlier this month. She is my neighbor too. Now we usually watch movies at night at least once a month. This screen is really a good option for movie screens for the money. You will definitely receive what you pay. That means the screen worth every penny you pay for. Oh, it shows some wrinkle in the screen. But don’t worry, you won’t notice it while you are watching movies.

3. Loch IWS140 – A Perfect Inflatable Projection Screen

Loch IWS140 – A Perfect Inflatable Projection Screen


Loch IWS140 is a perfectly sized movie screen for watching night movies under the sky. It comes with a blower, stakes, ropes, and bag. The blower is almost quiet. The blower is professionally built. You won’t hear any sound during the movie. This is not only an outdoor movie screen, you can use it even indoor if you have such a big room to set up this giant screen.

Marry (my sister), has set it up in her backyard. They watch movies almost every weekend. They have a good short throw projector and a pair of speakers. With these, the screen does well. The screen is good at projecting the beam.

Loch IWS140 is not so heavy. It can be transported. The screen doesn’t take long to inflate either. The manufacturer claims that the screen takes only 4 seconds to inflate. But as per my experience, I saw it can take up to 2 minutes to inflate perfectly. It has a front gain of 1.0. But as per my experience, it is less bright than this in rear mode.

When the weather is a little windy, it is difficult to make it stable because of its huge size. But, the ropes can help here. You can tie the screen (if not separate), with any tees or poles to make it stable in windy weather.

4. Inflatable Canvas Projector Screen from EasyGo Product

EasyGo Product 14feet Inflatable Canvas Projector Screen


EasyGo 14inch inflatable canvas screen is a mega-size display that serves as a large portable screen for travelers. The white screen offers a view size of 96inch wide X 58inch high that gains it complete structure when the air goes in through a blower.

The detachable white screen might look simple from outside, but it offers a brilliant visual quality with an adequate color accuracy. This movie screen is made up of 100% polyester waterproof fabric, so you expect it last more for a long time. Cleaning the screen doesn’t require much effort as you can detach it and then wash it with a soft cloth.

The frame of EasyGo 14inch inflatable canvas screen is quite easy to inflate as it comes preloaded with a blower motor that helps to gain its massive size in just two minutes. This screen comes with a lot of kits that comprises ground stakes, air motor, tie down strings, D rings and carry bag.

It only weighs 11 pounds so move this portable screen while traveling won’t cause you much trouble. However, this screen is not suitable for 4K, 3D or Full HD visuals so you can only get top-notch clarity in HD visuals.

Seeking for a massive size portable projector screen that you can quickly stuff in a duffle bag, then check out EasyGo 14inch inflatable canvas screen.

Things We Like
  • Excellent image quality and lucidity
  • Inexpensive price tag
  • It comes with a lot of installation accessories
  • Pure polyester material
  • It comes with a blower motor
  • The setup process is not complicated
  • Extremely portable and it has a carry bag
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is not stable in windy weather
  • The screen got some crumples
  • It doesn’t have a proper warranty

5. Gemmy 39121-32 – Another Good One from Gemmy

Gemmy 39121-32 Inflatable Projector Screen


Gemmy 39121-32 air-blown projector screen is an unconventional yet innovative screen that offers you excellent performance at an economical price point. This 149inch screen provides an overall view size of 123inch wide X 77inch high which is mostly suitable for outdoor and big rooms.

This screen offers a 16:9 aspect ratio along with a good gain that ultimately results out to excellent image quality with a decent color output. The screen is built using thick fabric, and it is entirely wrinkle-free, so you can expect it to offer a sharp image.

Gemmy 39121-32 air-blown projector comes as a complete package as you will find an airblown frame, eight tether stakes, eight base stakes, one storage bag, one spare fuse, four long tethers, etc. The whole structure is designed with a lightweight premium quality nylon which is resistant to fading and water.

So, cleaning the screen and frame won’t be an issue but it is recommended to clean it using standard wet cloth. It also comes with a two AC powered inbuilt fans that inflates the whole screen within few seconds. You can easily carry this screen in a deflated state to any location and then magnify the screen to enjoy your movie or TV show.

Gemmy 39121-32 air-blown projector could be a smart option for you if you are looking for a projector that can be used in both outdoor and indoor.

Things We Like
  • Sharp images with excellent quality
  • Easy to inflate with AC powered fan
  • It comes with storage bag
  • Availability of varied type of fasteners
  • Highly durable nylon fabric
  • The screen offers good gain
  • It is quite easy to port from place to another
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t stay stable in slightly windy areas
  • It doesn’t provide good clarity in ambient light
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